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Collection of Bakhshayesh and Heriz Rugs and Carpets

Bakhshayesh is a town in East Azerbaijan Province 80 km from Tabriz and 37 km from Bostan Abad, located under the jurisdiction of Heriz county governor’s office. Bakhshayesh is located in a mountainous area, with cold, long winters and warm summers; it is also the confluence of Aji Chay and Ojan Chay rivers. One-third of the 6000-strong population of Bakhshayesh has taken up carpet-weaving and related jobs as a profession.

Bakhshayesh is among the oldest carpet-weaving areas in East Azerbaijan and Iran. According to the documents, the origins of Bakhshayesh rugs date back to Safavid Period, evidencing the fame and reputation of the hand-knotted rugs of this area. The rugs of this area are typically known as Heriz Rugs for cultural and historical reasons. Despite their resemblance to Heriz rugs, Bakhshayesh rugs have their specific features. Some experts even say that Heriz rugs have been influenced by Bakhshayesh designs and patterns.
A large number of rugs from this area are displayed in various museums around the world for their unique designs and colors, high quality, and amazing patterns. This high quality is attributed to hand-spun wool and natural dyes. These natural dyes result in attractive designs and patterns that suit every personal and professional taste. Therefore, over time, various patterns and diverse colors have always enhanced the beauty of the rugs of this area.

The originality of design and pattern is another feature of Bakhshayesh and Heriz rugs. The weavers in this area have used these designs for a long time. The design structure of modern Bakhshayesh rugs is less intricate than before, bearing Lachak Toranj (Medallion and Corners) following a single style. Turkish and symmetrical knots are also used in weaving these rugs. As a result, Bakhshayesh rugs may show less flexibility yet they possess the highest quality.

Main features of Bakhshayesh and Heriz rugs include:

  •  Worldwide reputation
  •  High quality and durability
  •  Harmony with classic and modern decorative styles
  •  Enormous diversity in design and pattern
  •  Wide range of natural dyes
  •  Fine-quality natural fibers
  •  Reasonable prices

Gholizadeh Complex proudly offers its esteemed customers beautiful, original, high-quality hand-knotted rugs of Bakhshayesh and Heriz, which are produced using four generations’ worth of experience. In doing so, Gholizadeh Complex takes a firm step in introducing Iran’s culture and art to the world.

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Showing 82 - 90 of 107 items

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